Carlisle Halloween 2020

Hello neighbors!

You can view and download photos from Halloween 2020 here:!AksoXIXH8g0KlM522R_4_f2umuifCg?e=TW4cfD

Look for the download link near the top if you want to download everything, or you can instead download the individual pics that you like.

Feel free to use the photos however you choose! Credit is appreciated but not required. Photos have been sorted into folders so you can see who took each photo.

Photos by Holly Cohick.
Instagram: @hlcohickart
Facebook: HLCohickArt

Some photos also by Darren Olah
Instagram: @DarrenOlah

Halloween haunt by Darren Olah, Holly Cohick, Brad Olah, and Janine Olah.

Happy Halloween!

Darren Olah