Managed Website Hosting

One of the technology services I offer is called “managed website hosting”. This means I worry about keeping your site running smoothly and looking good (“manage” it) and you have the option to edit its content yourself, or to delegate it to others (or to me.) In fact you can have an unlimited number of editors.
The minimalist business website you’re looking at now ( is one of my sites.
Here’s another I made for a (fictional) company:
All sites I make follow responsive design principles to ensure they look nice on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
Additionally all sites I make have a TLS cert and use https by default. This provides modern security to prevent bad actors from snooping on connections to your site.
Some things to consider:
  1. The rate for creating, hosting and managing a site like one of these is $20/mo, with the first 2 months free (so you can see if you like my service or would like to try another option!) Also, there is no need for it to look exactly like one of my examples. We can choose a look and feel that fits your particular website.
  2. For additional cost, I can also arrange for you to have one or more Gmail-based email addresses (G Suite) with your own domain name (for example I do this for some clients who are interested in a customized email address.
  3. There is also the option of me developing a website, then handing over the code to you (or a webmaster you trust) to do as you please. If you prefer this option over managed web hosting, let’s discuss your particular needs. This option would come with a one-time fee (not an ongoing fee), but would also not come with any ongoing technical support or other assistance.
If you’re interested in discussing more, please reach out to me! No commitment whatsoever.