Let’s make a professional website just for you!

A responsive, modern site can help you connect with customers, volunteers and others who may be interested in what you have to offer!

Details on rates can be found below in the FAQ.



  • Product photography for small items
  • Head shots and portraits
  • Something else? Let me know!
Details on rates can be found below in the FAQ.


  • Short adverts to show off your business or a specific product
  • Aerial footage for real estate (or just for fun)
  • Single-camera shoot of live events
  • Something else? Let’s talk!

Need an idea of my price range before reaching out for a quote?

My current day rate is $800/day of filming plus overtime if your shoot exceeds 8 hours. Editing services are charged separately based on the complexity of your project. Expect a minimum editing quote of $800 for a 10 to 20 minute teleprompted video.

If your project requires special equipment not currently in the Ectropy Arts equipment inventory, rates for that equipment will be included in your quote. Similarly, pre-production work like location scouting or script assistance will be included in your quote.

Every project is different, but you can expect an investment of a least $1600 for a 10 to 20 minute teleprompted speech and the editing required to deliver your polished and professionally edited video.

More details on rates can be found below in the FAQ.


Questions? I’ve got answers.

Ectropy Arts, LLC is a small business owned by me, Darren Olah. I provide a variety of film, photography, and technology services.

A little about me: I’m a Temple University graduate with a dual major in Information Science & Technology and Film & Media Arts. I blend creativity and technology to create beautiful modern sites, as well as photography and videography.

When you hire me for your project you get me. I’ll handle your project every step of the way and am always an email or phone call away.

Rates for projects will vary by complexity and duration, but the info posted on this website can give you a ballpark idea.
Typically, my hourly rate is $100/hr.

Need specifics?: Email me details about your project, and if I feel that Ectropy Arts is a good fit for your project I’ll provide you a quote. If Ectropy Arts isn’t a great fit or my schedule is booked I’ll try my best to suggest other freelancers or businesses for you to reach out to!

A word on rates listed publicly on
These rates are based on my workload, current clients, costs of doing business (i.e. equipment & third-party services), and my experience (over 10 years doing work in the photography, videography, and technology industries). They are also intended to ensure that I’m able to devote an appropriate amount of time to each client. While it is possible your quote may differ (higher or lower) from the estimates listed on this website, unfortunately I can’t offer discounts or lower rates than what is provided to you in your quote. Thank you for understanding and I hope to work with you soon!

My current videography day rate is $800, so a video that takes a single day to film (before editing) will be an investment of at minimum $800 (regardless of shoot duration.) Will your shoot exceed 8-hours in one day? Overtime rates of $100/hr apply.
Pre-production and post production work are not included in this day rate, but will be included in your quote.
You can expect to pay no less than $1600 for a teleprompted speech, advertisement, keynote, or other video where you bring your own script. Use of a teleprompter is offered (and encouraged) for all videos, and is provided at no extra cost to you.

Note: I do not currently offer live streaming video of any type for any video shoot. Videography services are intended for recorded events/video shoots only.

My current photography rate is $100/hr plus editing time (also charged at $100/hr.) A short event or photoshoot (less than one hour) can expect to start at around $200.

I use a Canon 7d Mark II camera for my photography and video work.

My teleprompter is a Ikan PT-Elite-Pro

The wireless lavalier microphone is used to record audio for most keynote-style events.

Managed Web Hosting
Managed Web Hosting means that I keep your website up and running and investigate and resolve server/hosting issues as they occur. This provides you peace of mind, as you can focus on the content of your site instead of worrying about the intricacies of web hosting. At this time I only support websites that use the WordPress platform. All sites are also secured by a TLS cert (look for the lock symbol or https://).
Managed website hosting is charged on a yearly basis. For a site with no associated email accounts, expect to pay $600/year.

Managed Domains and DNS
If you have a website you need a domain name (like this site’s domain name: Each domain registered through Ectropy Arts is $20/year.

Managed Email (Google Workspace)
Email services are provided using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). I don’t currently support any other email services.
Email services are charged based on number of email accounts required. Prices start at $20/month for a single email account (such as, and each additional account is $10.

Website updates and general tech consulting
This type of work is charged hourly. I charge $100/hr for website updates and other tech consulting (such as hardware upgrades.)

Non-business sites
Different rates may apply if you’re a non-profit or individual looking for a simple site. Contact me directly if you’re interested in a website and you feel you might fall into this category.

Most Ectropy Arts websites (including this one) are built on WordPress and use the Astra theme. At this time I can’t support sites that are based on any Content Management System other than WordPress. That includes SquareSpace sites, Weebly sites, Wix sites, or other non-WordPress sites.

All Ectropy Arts sites are hosted on Cloudways DigitalOcean servers.
I’ve tested several hosting providers (including popular ones like GoDaddy) and have found that Cloudways servers provide a superior experience.

  • A dedicated DigitalOcean server can be used for an additional fee.
    Clients with very high-traffic sites often choose to use a dedicated server because it can increase site performance.
    In rare cases, a client may be required to move to a dedicated server if their site’s typical traffic requires it.
  • If you already have your WordPress site hosted somewhere you can continue to use that host under most circumstances. Contact me to discuss your particular requirements.

Online Live Events
Hosting a online conference in Zoom, Teams, Teams Live Events, or Blackboard Collaborate? That falls under this category!  I have over a year of experience hosting live events through these sorts of platforms and can answer your questions or help you host an event. I have experience hosting high profile guests such as general officers and current or former cabinet secretaries, and would love to put my experience to work for your event. If you’re in the greater Carlisle area, I can also join you in person to help you host your event.
Events like these and associated pre-event tech rehearsals are charged hourly at 100/hr.

I’d be happy to answer any of your questions—just get in touch with me by clicking here.